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Fitness on the Apple Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro (AVP) stands poised to revolutionise not only how we see the digital world but also how we engage with others. But what about fitness I hear you ask?

VR Fitness: The Top Games to Play in 2024

Virtual Reality (VR) has revolutionised the way we engage with entertainment, and one of its most exciting applications is in the fun way it delivers fitness content.

Welcome to the Hybrid Gym: Immersive Fitness Meets Mixed Reality

The future of fitness looks more futuristic than ever with the rise of mixed reality (MR) headsets. Smart gyms - hybrid spaces decked out with equipment for exercise fused with cutting edge virtual worlds have been getting good traction, especially in the USA

Can Mixed Reality Change the Game for Fitness?

Fitness is the obvious hot ticket in VR right now, and mixed reality is for some, taking workouts to new levels. Exciting new tech developments promise to expand these virtual training horizons even further.

Stealth Fitness Games: Gorilla Tag

Months ago I wrote an article about using Gorilla Tag as a proper, legitimate upper body workout. Well, I thought I'd revisit this premise, and look a little deeper into the psychology of how it makes players tick.

Designing Achievable VR Fitness Games Using Research-Backed Tips

Virtual reality (VR) fitness games offer an engaging way to be active. But how can developers ensure their games motivate players to actually exercise versus just having good intentions?

Staying Hydrated for VR Fitness: The Best Sports Drinks to Guzzle

Is it me, or is it hot working out in this VR headset? 🥽☀️😃 Time to rehydrate me thinks!

Is Venture's Gauntlet the Future of Fitness Gaming?

I've written a few times about the future of fitness, an how playing "normal" VR games is the future. Just look at the success of Gorilla Tag and how good of an upper body workout that game is without it even being a fitness game.

Stealth health principles are the future of VR fitness.

Many current VR fitness games and apps focus on replicating traditional workouts or exercise routines. But the true future of engaging fitness experiences in VR lies in social, cooperative games that organically incorporate full body movement.

VR Fitness apps to heat up your summer workouts

Thinking of working up a sweat this summer, then check out Simulation magazines list of VR Fitness Apps to help you get your fitness fix. We've even added the web links to make it easy for you!