Can Mixed Reality Change the Game for Fitness?

Can Mixed Reality Change the Game for Fitness?
Can Mixed Reality Change the Game for Fitness?

Fitness is the obvious hot ticket in VR right now, and mixed reality is for some, taking workouts to new levels. Exciting new tech developments promise to expand these virtual training horizons even further. 

One emerging trend I'm really bullish on is mixed reality, full colour passthrough allowing people that maybe reluctant types for the full immersion fitness experience, they maybe a little unsteady on their feet, so passthrough solves this issue and makes accessibility a non issue.

For fitness, this means you could do a workout in your own space while still interacting with virtual instructors, environments and data overlays. Apps like Litesport are already implementing mixed reality features.

This allows for safe, realistic movement without losing the VR experience, opening up fitness possibilities like running real outdoor trails while still getting virtual guidance and motivation.

These features could draw in new VR fitness converts who want to work out safely in their own homes without losing touch with their surroundings. Those wary of full immersion may find these blended realities more appealing.

The real benchmark for me, is the ability to lift real weights or using home gym equipment while wearing a VR headset, the is why the second largest user demographic in VR (Meta) is 40 year old women who are probably put off of real life gyms because of a multitude of issues, unwanted attention, cleanliness of the gyms and showers, or time constraints driving to a gym, finding a parking space, then rinse and repeat etc

As pass through capabilities become better, I'd expect VR workouts to become more grounded in the tangible world while still harnessing virtual assets.

The "real trainer" in your home gym concept from Samsung's keynote speech from a couple of years ago has actually become a thing, and that is truly awesome.