Apple Vision Pro

Learn about Apple Vision Pro, the new augmented reality headset from Apple, how it works, news, updates and discussions about how it will change the way we live and work

Apple Vision Pro for Fitness

Apple Vision Pro despite the battery puck can still have huge potential as a fitness tool.

How Apple Vision Pro Will Transform Your Kitchen

The kitchen is about to get a huge augmented reality upgrade. Apple's new spatial computing headset, the Vision Pro, allows us to overlay digital visuals onto the real world in a profound way.

Fitness on the Apple Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro (AVP) stands poised to revolutionise not only how we see the digital world but also how we engage with others. But what about fitness I hear you ask?

How Much of the VR Pie will Apple Actually Eat?

The moment Tim Cook strapped that silver visor over his eyes and drifted into virtual reality (Ahem, sorry Spatial Computing) at the Apple spring product launch, we all sensed this was something radically different.

The Future of VR Influencers in an Apple VR World

The virtual reality (VR) market is expected to explode over the next few years thanks to major new product releases from companies like Meta, Apple, and others.

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Has a Weird But Essential Front Screen

When Apple first unveiled its Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset, many were puzzled by the inclusion of a front-facing display screen. At first glance, it seemed like an odd design choice.

How Apple Could Revolutionise Sports Viewing with Vision Pro

Apple's upcoming launch of their Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset may disrupt yet another market - live sports broadcasting.

Apple and Disney's Deepening Relationship Points to VR Content Powerhouse

With the upcoming launch of Apple's Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset, their growing partnership with Disney signals exciting possibilities for VR content creation.

The Future of Enterprise XR After Apple's Vision Pro

The enterprise extended reality (XR) landscape is set to shift with Apple's recent announcement of their Vision Pro headset. While enterprise XR companies have found success providing virtual and augmented reality headsets to clients, Apple's entry into the market may disrupt the current model.

Apple Vision Pro for fitness?

Apple have found success with it's Fitness+ service, but how will this translate to Apple's Vision Pro headset (AVP) when it's finally in the hand of consumers? Let's take a look.