How Apple Could Revolutionise Sports Viewing with Vision Pro

How Apple Could Revolutionise Sports Viewing with Vision Pro
How Apple Could Revolutionize Sports Viewing with Vision Pro

Apple's upcoming launch of their Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset may disrupt yet another market - live sports broadcasting. As Apple aggressively pursues sports streaming rights, the company could leverage its new headset to provide fully immersive and interactive sports viewing experiences.

Over the last several years, Apple has inked deals for rights to stream major leagues like MLB, MLS, and NBA. They are also rumored to be bidding for NFL Sunday Ticket when it goes up for renewal. Critics believe Apple is poised to become a major player in sports streaming and deliver a more seamless viewing experience across screens.

Content and hardware is king

Once Apple can combine this content ownership with their new Vision Pro headset, they can offer sports fans entirely new ways to engage with live games. The headset’s advanced spatial audio, hand tracking and external camera capabilities can enable users to view the game from any vantage point and interact with replays, stats and more. Apple could create a Virtual Skybox experience for example, allowing fans to watch with friends as if they were there live.

By integrating the Vision Pro with Apple’s ecosystem of products like Apple TV and iOS apps, fans can easily stream games anywhere and switch between 2D and immersive 3D viewing.

The Vision Pro will make it possible for Apple to own the full stack around sports viewing - from content licensing to headset tech. This paves the way for a reimagining of sports broadcasts where the screen moves from your TV to your eyes and head movements. While still early, Apple's ambitious moves in sports could give them pole position in determining the next generation of sports viewing.

Retailers dream

Just think about this as a retailer, family and friends sat around watching Messi score in the MLS, one orders Taco Bell using Siri, another uses Siri for Uber Eats to get a Pizza, rinse repeat for in game betting, there is not enough witespace in this blog to list the possibilities. Dont get me started on anchored AR adverts using genster touch to buy in stream.

Rivals like Amazon and Google won't cede the space easily though. The competition for sports rights and emerging broadcast technologies will remain fierce. But with the Vision Pro headset expected to launch soon, Apple can kickstart the VR/AR sports revolution quicker than competitors. The days of just staring at a flat TV screen to watch football may soon be a relic of the past.

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