A rainy day, stop motion, and fun with 'fit' food.

A rainy day, stop motion, and fun with 'fit' food.
A rainy day, stop motion and fun with "fit' food.

Way back when..

A few years back when I had my film studio, there would always be a quiet moment in between shoots. Primarily, I would be filming Fitness, Stretching and Yoga vidoes on a giant white *Cyclorama which took me about a month to build and perfect.

White cyclorama in my studio 

But I also built a giant kitchen set, a huge three meter square island with overhead lighting rig that also housed a couple of top down cameras at different angles, 2 big Arri skypanel lights facing the set, and 2 more cameras at angles at the subjects.

It looked great and had a 'mood' and 'feel' all of its own, which is what I would call 'intimate'.

Kitchen set

Anyway, I digress, on a cold winters Thursday, Nicola, a fitness instructor,  came in for a shoot for a couple of hours, and after she left I had the idea to do some stop motion using some left over food for a bit of fun.


As a kid I used to love watching 'Morph', a plasticine charater that the late Tony Hart devised and animated, so this gave me the inspiration. Plus my late great uncle was lighting director on Thunderbirds etc.

Stop motion is an awful lot of work, you have to move the subject(s) a millimeter at a time, take a photo, rinse repeat. The process is quite exhausting but thouroughly addictive and absorbing. Ironically, the editing of all the photos to make a video literally take 10 minutes!

Anyways, when I looked at the clock, 5 hours had passed and had been totally engrossed!

Et voila!

So here is the results of the two videos I made that day on a dark, cold rainy Thursday afternoon!

And number 2!

Hope you enjoyed the show, let me know what you think in the comments below!

  • A white cyclorama, or white seamless was made famous by Apple with its apparent 'floating' products with a white background.
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