What makes Beat Saber the go to VR game for fitness

What makes Beat Saber the go to VR game for fitness
What makes Beat Saber the go to VR game for fitness


Beat Saber is such a great way to for anyone of any ability to get fit in virtual reality, and at the same time have some real fun. Also it's not just for Luke Skywalker 👀

A full body workout

You'll be surprised at how much you have to move your body when playing Beat Saber. Of course, you might think that it involves mostly just your arms, seeing as you're slashing and cutting boxes, but that's just not the case, a lot of the games have large oblong boxes that make you duck and shift you balance from side to side as you play.

It gets your heart pumping

If you use Beat Saber as just one part of your overall fitness routine, especially as the cardio element, it's perfect, as it really gets your heart pumping. The great thing is you can play standing or sitting and in a tight space, so it's a suitable for almost for everyone.

Reduce gym boredom

Beat Saber and its immersive nature is perfect for people who hate the gym and all the politics that that can attract.  Not to mention, driving, parking, showering in dirty locker rooms, nope!

So what makes Beat Saber the go-to game in VR?

Beat Saber is basically a rhythm game. You use your hand controllers to slash blocks to the beat of the music. When you play it, you feel like a Jedi Knight cutting through waves of enemies in Star Wars!

Beat Saber's appeal is legion for many reasons: it's easy to pick up and play on any level, there's no complicated controls, just swing your arms and try to keep up!, and it's visually stunning with great music that you can't help but dance along to, plus you can buy extra music packs if you fancy Billie Eilish or step up the beat with the Rock music pack.

A great way to play a game and get fit

What makes this game so addictive? It’s the full body workout that you get from playing it. You get your heart pumping, and it gets you moving in ways that you might not even realize you’re capable of. Not only does this game offer a super fun way to workout, but it also looks amazing too!


I know what you’re thinking: “This is amazing, but I don't have a VR headset!” Well, go get one, it's 2023 people!