The benefits of VR Fitness: Part one

The benefits of VR Fitness: Part one
The benefits of VR Fitness: Part one

Working out in VR is a massive life hack

VR fitness allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home, no need to travel, park, or pay the bus fare to get to a gym, and no unhygienic showers to contend with. The workouts are vigorous, the ultimate in convenience and can be done anytime and anywhere you have a couple of square meters of space, less when you're used to it all!

It's all just a big game

Turning your daily workout into a game provides a fun and immersive way to exercise, you'll be much more enaged and in turn much more likely to keep up with your exercise regimen over the longer term.

By its very nature, enclosed off from the real world (the meativerse) VR makes you think more about your balance, especially when you're starting out (whilst not even thing about it) and can help improve coordination and balance and thus core strength as a by product.


The workouts in most of the VR games can be customized to your fitness levels and goals, which is especially good if you are new to exercise and you need to start in small baby steps (Don't worry, we all started out the same way). All are generally low impact, making them suitable for people with injuries or chronic pain, and almost all can be done sitting down (again, great if you're starting out and a little unverved the first time).

The big plus points

You're going burn calories and improve cardiovascular health, improve mental health and reduce stress and probably sleep better, that can't be bad right? So this is no different from normal workouts in the meativerse I hear you say? Correct, chicken dinner!

Working from home

One of the benefits of having a VR headset and working from home is that you can just pop it on your head at anytime, so take a regular break, every hour do one game of sat down Beat Saber, most are only three minutes long, so perfect for hgetting your heart rate up , but don't smash your knuckles on the desk in front of you, leave plenty of room!


You have to start somewhere, so make 2023 the time you said "hell yeah" to better habits and not nasty hobbits.

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