The Apple of my augmented eye

Yes, that Apple headset again, but a bit more.

The Apple of my augmented eye
The Apple of my augmented eye

Yes, that Apple headset again, but a bit more.

Easy like Sunday morning

Apple just make life easier for developers of digital products and the consumers that use them daily. From a business perspective, there are no distributors to not return your emails, no friction, no skim, the products are adopted by the consumer in seconds. Familiarity breeds more muscle memory to breed more familiarity.

Have a watch of this..

This is a really good video that encompasses what we already know about the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality headset and how that’s going to integrate within the current Apple App Store business model. Excited yet?

Let's go off piste for a second. Humour me.

Possibilities wrapped in an ERC20 token?

With all the bad press/people (yes, the schills were in the minority) that has surrounded everything Crypto over the last year leading to its ultimate demise, there is a possible way forward for Apple. Apple have already allowed NFT's to be bought and sold through its product range, so what are the possible next steps?

Apple may want to release a utility coin like an ERC20 token, which would then be a currency that could have interoperability and interconnectivity with all apps games, literally everything within the App Store, that would really solve several well discussed problems about the interoperability of the "Metaverse". But of course, Tim Cook would never use the "M" word.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is widely adopted, and is likely to be a huge growth area, especially with "Apple Pay Later" ( Apple's buy now pay later service). So if they can find a way to fully secure transactions on a chain, then they’ve really cracked the NFT and game tokenisation market which also opens up a lot of opportunities for other business sectors, such as health and well-being and beyond.

The possibilities of interconnectivity

Imagine if Apple were to launch its own ERC20 type utility token?

Developers could actually buy these in various amounts for their games or products, and users could convert FIAT into "Apple Coin" right in Apple Pay using Siri and Iris scan directly from within the AR Headset.

One of the problems this solves is that of a closed Metaverse (of sorts), because it would allow interoperability in the case of games, which could use the same game assets, so they can be carried to other games to other services, so actual utility. Now there's a thing. Of course Apple's blockchain would have to be carbon neutral or negative even and that opens up the door for so many different services, maybe they could just build upon Hedera and sit on the governing council, who knows?

Lidar in a headset

So Apple will use a forward facing Lidar detector needed for augmented reality, perfect for when you’re doing a room scan. Obviously there are many other use cases for lidar, things like body tracking for fitness/health use cases, using an iPhone to scan you, while the Reality Pro tracks your surrounding environment.

Strap me in!

It’s interesting that within the video at the top of this article it shows the head strap depicted with a kind of metal, or carbon fibre side bar with a headphone type back of the head support. This could look really cool if it was kind of like the strap from the Apple Watch Ultra, so you had some degree of flexibility within that design for comfort.

Did someone say black Reality Pro headset with a yellow Apple Ultra strap anyone?