Spectate: Twitch-Like Streaming in VR

Spectate: Twitch-Like Streaming in VR
Spectate:Twitch-Like Streaming in VR

Streaming in VR

Late last month, Spectate launched on the Meta Quest App Lab. Spectate offers VR streamers the ability to connect their Twitch / Youtube / Kick streams to their own custom rooms, where their fans can watch while socializing together.

Streamers don't need to stream to a new platform, they can simply continue streaming to their favorite platform, knowing that their fans have the option of watching in VR.


In addition to offering streamers their own 3D spaces, Spectate also gives users the ability to surf the web alongside friends, with an early screen-sharing capacity which allows friends to watch Youtube/Hulu and other video services together.

Spectate is still very early in development, and the two creators are open to feedback from streamers, VR enthusiasts, developers, anyone! If you're a streamer interested in streaming to Spectate or a VR enthusiast interested in using Spectate for another purpose, please email spectate3D@gmail.com, messsage @nomolos96 on Twitter, or join the Discord!

Meta Quest Download:

Spectate on Oculus Quest
Watch your favorite VR content creators, surf the web with your friends, explore different environments and please give us feedback on what you’d like to see! Email: spectatebrowser@gmail.comTwitter: @SpectateBrowser

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/2HZdQWQ3