Introducing the New Varjo XR4

In an online event this evening Varjo stunned us with their new flagship head mounted display, enter the new XR4, with some seriously meaty specs.

Introducing the New Varjo XR4
Varjo XR4

In an online event this evening Varjo stunned us with their new flagship head mounted display, enter the new XR4, with some seriously meaty specs.

Here are the highlights 👇

  • Industry leading visual fidelity with 4K by 4K, 200 nits mini-LED displays and a 96% DCI-P3 color space.
  • Revolutionary full-dome optics span flawless aspheric clarity across a massive 120° x 105° field of view.
  • True human vision replicated in XR by dual 20-megapixel cameras powering up to 51 PPD passthrough and the world’s first gaze-driven XR autofocus system.
  • Advanced sensor fusion combining 300 kpix extended range LiDAR, 200 Hz eye tracking, and all-new ambient light reconstruction cameras.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality for professional use with inside-out tracking and Varjo Controllers with premium ergonomics.
  • Designed for collaboration with integrated DTS 3D spatial audio and dual noise-cancelling microphones.

A seismic shift is taking place in extended reality (XR) tech, and Varjo is leading the charge. Their groundbreaking new XR-4 Series virtual/augmented/mixed reality headsets provide unparalleled immersion that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

Unfathomable Fields of View

Varjo smashes standards with an expansive 120° x 105° field of view that stunningly replicates natural human vision. This allows for unmatched depth perception and total environment integration. You feel transported rather than constrained by goggles. Rooms, landscapes and architectures stretch into seemingly endless reality-mimicking vistas.

Visual Precision to Rival Real Life

Varjo’s custom aspheric lenses flawlessly showcase 28 million pixels across dual micro-OLED displays. True-to-life colors, striking contrast via local dimming and blazing 200 nit brightness fuse for pinpoint fidelity. Could visions get any clearer than this retina-rivalling revolution?

Mixed Reality Perfected

Varjo takes a page from biology by harnessing the power of eyes - specifically 20 megapixel passthrough cameras. Functioning like human optical instruments, these cameras frame-in actual environments to overlay virtual elements with none of the traditional disconnect. Real and unreal blend beautifully thanks to Varjo’s industry-leading mixed reality innovations.

Seeing is Believing with Gaze-Based Autofocus

The XR-4 Focal Edition adds another awe-inspiring advancement: the world’s first gaze-directed focus for passthrough cameras. Just as natural sight intuitively shifts focal points based on what we look at, Varjo's bio-inspired, vision-driven auto focus replicates this phenomena for a truly unprecedented, believe-your-eyes mixed reality experience.

Unleashing Creative Potential

Unlike more restrictive mobile headsets, the XR-4 Series interfaces with heavy-duty workstations and taps into the horsepower of NVIDIA GPUs for limitless content creation possibilities. Graphics fly as boundaries fall across professional 3D platforms like Unreal Engine, Unity and hundreds more thanks to Varjo's synergistic system approach.

Freedom Out-of-Box

Leave external base stations and neck strain in the past. Varjo delivers their most flexible deployment model yet with inside-out tracking and sleek new controllers teaming up for quick out-of-box liberation. Glasses can stay on too, opening these elite experiences to more users thanks to automatic IPD adjustments.

Cross-Functional Immersion

Dual integrated DTS speakers pump crystal spatial sound as noise-cancelling mics pick up natural voice communication - all creating incredibly immersive social/collaborative sessions. Varjo completes the package by opening the doors to eye-tracking analytics.

Triad of Targeted Editions

Varjo condenses XR excellence into three tailored headset editions: The XR-4 for unmatched virtual visuals, XR-4 Focal with enhanced mixed reality focus, and the secure XR-4 Secure Edition for controlled settings like defense agencies.

In summary, Varjo’s meticulously engineered headsets represent the leading edge of extended reality achievement - promising to revolutionize training, design, education and entertainment through their unprecedented immersive capabilities.

The future is very much here through Varjo’s visionary approach to pushing possibilities ever closer to reality itself.

  1. XR-4 Superlative Immersion / Starting at 3,990 €/$.
  2. XR-4 Focal Edition Enhanced Passthrough / Starting at €9,990 €/$.
  3. XR-4 Secure Edition Government-grade compliancy / Price on application

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