Heart surgery through the looking glass

Heart surgery through the looking glass
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Surgical procedures are delicate and complex, requiring the utmost precision and accuracy from medical professionals. Advances in technology have made it possible to improve the way we approach surgical procedures, with Augmented Reality (AR) glasses being one of the most innovative tools in the field.

Augmented Reality glasses

AR glasses are wearable devices that project digital images onto the user's field of vision, allowing them to see and interact with virtual objects as if they were real.

The potential applications of AR glasses in the medical field are vast, ranging from training simulations for medical students to real-time assistance for surgeons during complex procedures. But for now, let's quickly explore the use of AR glasses to assist with surgical procedures, specifically heart surgery.

Heart surgery is one of the most intricate and challenging procedures in the medical field, requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision. Even the smallest mistake can have serious consequences for the patient. With the use of AR glasses, surgeons can now have access to real-time visual aids that can help them navigate through the complexities of the human heart.

Being able to be remotely assisted by experts in live operations is also another area with augmented reality is helping.


One of the primary benefits of AR glasses during heart surgery is the ability to display virtual images of the patient's heart in real-time. This can help the surgeon to better understand the internal structure of the heart and identify any abnormalities or potential complications. By overlaying digital images onto the patient's actual heart, surgeons can gain a better perspective of the organ's unique anatomy and plan their surgical approach accordingly.

AR glasses can also assist with surgical procedures by providing the surgeon with vital information such as vital signs, patient history, and medication dosages. This information is typically displayed on a monitor or a separate device, but with AR glasses, the surgeon can access this information hands-free, allowing them to focus more on the procedure itself.

In the news

One thing that caught my eye today in BBC news was a hospital from my home county, Essex in the UK, using Vuzix AR glasses to perform open heart surgery. The glasses and audio are connected to experts some distance away in Hemel Hempsted where they guide and advise the surgeon remotely

Heres a link..

Smart glasses at Basildon Hospital speed up procedures
Basildon Hospital is using the technology during heart procedures to connect remotely to experts.