Get Fit with VR series: The Mets Calorie Burn Calculator

Get Fit with VR series: The Mets Calorie Burn Calculator
Get Fit with VR series: The Mets Calorie Burn Calculator

Virtual reality has the potential to make fitness fun, giving you the ability to participate in activities that you might otherwise consider unappealing or unaffordable. With its immersive nature, it can be hard to tell just how much effort you’re putting into these experiences, which makes them perfect candidates for tracking calorie burn.

Here’s how the METs’ Calorie Burn Calculator works, and how it can help you get fit with VR.

What is the METs calorie burn calculator?

The METs calorie burn calculation is a scientific way of measuring calorie burn without wearables. To calculate the number of calories burned, you need to enter your length of workout, weight and a brief description of then type of workout you're doing into the calculator. From there, it will give you an estimate of how many calories you have burned by the hour etc.

METs provides estimates on how much calorie burn can be achieved through exercising as well as when your are at rest, it's a pretty cool tool!

How does it work?

Here's a quick example, Stevie is a 93kg man who just did 30 minutes of VR exercise. Stevie burned 7.78 METs or 362.7 calories. The metabolic equivalent of task (MET) is the ratio of the metabolic rate during exercise to the metabolic rate at rest. One MET corresponds to an energy expenditure of 1 kcal/kg/hour. One MET can also be expressed as oxygen uptake of 3.5 ml/kg/min. (It's simple really!)

Have a go with the calculator to find out how many calories or METs you're burning, you'll be surprised!

What are the benefits of using the mets calorie burn calculator?

The METs Calorie Burn Calculator is a simple way of measuring calorie burn without the expense of additional equipment. Plus, by following the calculator, you get a better idea of how long your workouts need to be in order to achieve the desired results, especially if you are trying to achieve weight loss or trying to calculate calories burned if you are diabetic say.


Virtual reality workouts are an awesome way to get in shape that allows you to workout whenever, wherever. Plus, there's no equipment needed and you can do it alone or with friends.

When it comes to getting fit and staying healthy, VR is the perfect vehicle to both workout and escape. The METs system is a great way to manually track your calories burn.

So, now we know how to use the METs system in everyday life, it's simple!

More importantly, let us know how you got on with it!

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