Fitness for the Holidays: The Best Virtual Reality Gifts

Fitness for the Holidays: The Best Virtual Reality Gifts
Fitness for the Holidays: The Best Virtual Reality Gifts

The holiday season is here, and if you’re anything like me you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to shopping. With so many great fitness gadgets out there, I’ve put together a list of the best virtual reality gifts for the health nut in your life this holiday season.

Whether you know someone who owns a Quest 2 or PCVR and loves it or someone who wants to start using VR as part of their workout routine, this list will help you find that perfect gift!


Virtual reality has gone from a niche technology to mainstream in just a few short years. There are a lot of reasons why VR is taking off. For starters, it's relatively inexpensive and accessible to most consumers (nearly half the price of an iPhone!).

Plus, unlike some other new technologies, VR doesn't require an expensive investment in hardware or infrastructure to get started. As such, more people have access to VR than ever before. And we are already seeing exciting developments in what the technology can do for our health and wellbeing.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that simulates physical presence in the real world. VR is a new way to play games and experience immersive content, but it's also more than just a game: fitness games have become popular, with new titles coming online as we speak.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?

The modern day world is a rat race and we're all so time starved, but now with virtual reality technology we can see the world from a different perspective. VR stimulates our minds and has been proven to improve wellbeing. With VR you can be someone else or somewhere else and explore new places. You can even do your workout in a virtual gym!

*What are the best Virtual Reality gifts?

So lets think about hardware for a second, if your gift is for someone that's new to VR, then purely for ease of use and bang for your buck, then it has to be a Quest 2 (though we can't wait for the new Lynx-R1 to be released soon!).

Games, well you have to start with a really good rhythm game, Beatsaber is the perfect place to start, and if your friend is a regular gym bunny, then FitXR or Supernatural will be perfect.

What about accessories then? BOBOVR has some great accessories for the Quest 2 ecosystem, from battery charging docking stations to upgraded straps. We particularly like the M2 with it's double battery system.

Let's wrap this up (pardon the pun)

So I hope this article has helped you find inspiration for an awesome gift.  Whatever, after eating all that Turkey, a big dollop of VR fitness gravy is just what you need to burin it all off!

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