A quick look at how Apple XR headset could work

A quick look at how Apple XR headset could work
Photo by Laurenz Heymann / Unsplash

Believe the hype?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Apple XR headset, and much is speculation. Some of the theories are based on sound, and long term knowledge of the supply chain, from semi-conductors to lens manufacturers etc.

But really, the information to concern yourself with is from people who are plugged in directly at Apple such as Mark Gurman who writes for Bloomberg..

Also Ming-Chi Kuo, a veteran of the supply chain side.

So now you're armed with who, lets dive into what.

Apple are the masters of the ultimate ecosystem, and as such have a broad range of hardware products that already interconnect. In the most simplest terms, your Apple Earbuds connect seamlessly to your Apple iPhone, and you can walk down most high streets and walk away with both items from a physical store, or should I say candy stores for evangelists. Guilty as charged!

So what does all this have to do with an XR or VR headset I hear you ask? Well, bring that same level of interconectivity into an XR environment with the entire Apple product ecosyetem working as one..

Apple's new XR headset and Earbuds, iPhone, MacBook, iPad as well as the new HomePod, all feature interconnectivity.

Why is all this interconnectivity so important?

In a word. Spatial audio.

It will be a feature available on the XR headset and already in the new Earbuds (and all Apple products), uses advanced algorithms to create a surround sound experience, making it feel like the audio is coming from different directions. This feature is especially useful for immersive experiences like watching movies or playing games, yep, more immersive experiences for us all!

The just launched HomePod can also be used in conjunction with the XR headset and earbuds (hell, everything), allowing for seamless switching between devices.

For example, if you're watching an Apple TV show on your new XR headset, and your connected to the audio on the HomePod and need to leave the room, you can simply switch to your earbuds without interruption, plus there will no doubt be in- headset audio too. (of course of course).

All these speakers, and everywhere. This feature is made possible through the use of Apple's Continuity technology, which allows for seamless switching between different Apple devices.

Now factoring in the use of Siri, and you'll be able to play, pause, or skip songs, games and movies on every connected device, as well as adjust the volume. This feature is particularly useful if you're in the middle of a workout and don't want to stop to adjust the volume on the HomePod, or touch your XR headset with sweaty hands.

The possibilities are endless.

Also think about it, the App Store is well established, with years of Apples UI/UX expertise and experience through hundreds of millions of us all using it daily. And that is another reason of why they have the potential to be an XR giant.

Current VR app stores are hard to navigate, have you ever tried finding the App Lab and it's library of games on Oculus?

Anyways, not long to wait now :-)